Get A Home Automation System For Your Home

At Northern Audio, a home automation system is about much more than just connecting every piece of technology inside of your home. It is about bringing your home to life and making it easier for you to enjoy the entertainment system in your home. For complete control of your home entertainment setup, nothing tops a quality automation system from the audio and video experts at Northern Audio.

A home automation system makes it easy for people to turn on their televisions, use their computers, turn off lights and adjust air conditioning, all without leaving the comfort of the couch. Speak with us today to find out how we can transform your home into an easy to navigate audio and visual oasis.



The Leader for Home Automation Systems

Northern Audio is a Pittsburgh based company owned Mark Mawhinney. With more than three decades worth of knowledge and experience in the audio and video industry, Northern Audio is the Pennslyvania leader for all things audio and visual. If you need a new home system installed, we can help you find the dream setup to suit your needs.

At Northern Audio, customer satisfaction is our primary goal. This means that if you want to change the channel in your living room or alter your thermostat from the comfort of your own bed, we can make that happen.

Multi-Purpose Lighting

Do you need to be in a certain room with specific lighting to get tasks accomplished? There is no worse feeling than having certain rooms that can’t be used to get work done simply because of the lighting. We can help create multi-purpose lighting in every room, allowing you to have to have the ideal lighting for any room in your home.

Keeping Your Home Comfortable

An automated home system from Northern Audio will allow you to check security cameras in your living spaces downstairs, from the comfort of your upstairs rooms. It will also allow you to adjust the thermostat of your home with a tablet or a smartphone device. Make life easier on yourself with the help of a home automation system from the experts at Northern Audio.

When it’s time to add a home automation system to your house, contact Northern Audio to help you find the perfect setup for your living space. Give us a call today at (412) 931-5850 for more information on the top home theaters in Pittsburgh.

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