A Top Notch Home Theater System

If you are searching for a custom home theater or audio video room installed and designed in your house, let the team of experts at Northern Audio help you make your dreams a reality. When it comes to high quality and high performance home theater systems, it does not get much better than a custom setup from Northern Audio.


Projectors and Screens

A quality projector and a beautiful screen make the perfect centerpiece to any home or commercial theater experience. If you are looking to show off your true taste and style for home theater systems, you need the right projector and screen. We can help you find the perfect screen or projector for your needs.

Surround Sound

A home theater system is nothing without a quality surround sound system. Find the right setup for your system and enjoy the incredible sound quality that comes from a stunning surround sound system.

It does not matter where you sit in your living room or bedroom, you will be able to hear and see everything perfectly. We will make sure your TV watching experience seems like you’re in a movie theater at home.

3D Technology

At Northern Audio, we can bring an unrivaled experience into your home, with 3D technology installed into your home theater system. This way, you can really feel as though you are going to the movies every time you settle in to watch a film with your friends. What is the best part of having your own 3D theater equipment? Say goodbye to the days of spending an arm and a leg to see something in 3D at an actual theater.

Custom Design

One of the biggest reasons to trust the experts at Northern Audio is the opportunity to have your audio and video system custom designed. We can create the perfect system, customized to your specific wants and needs. Simply tell us what kind of equipment you would like in your home and we’ll begin developing a setup specifically tailored to you.

Whatever type of setup you are looking for in your home, we can help you find exactly what you want to create your ideal home entertainment system. If you’re ready for the best home theaters in Pittsburgh, designed specifically for you, contact Northern Audio today at (412) 931-5850.

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