Superb Craftsmanship

I Design is a group of committed artisans and designers who have spent the past 30 years exploring the possibilities of Furniture Design, fine Woodworking, and Craftsmanship."

The founder and head bottle washer is Bruce Berman. Early in the history of our company, before the glaciers melted, Bruce helped craft every project that came out of the shop as well as design and detail all of the drawings. Today, though he no longer has the time to work on each piece, every design and each drawing is still created on his drawing board.

Bruce attended Carnegie Mellon University and completed his course of study in Architecture by 1974. During his last year of school he supported himself as a woodworker as part of a cooperative workshop. Upon graduation he spent three years as a designer-builder with the other members of the workshop.It was during this period that he began his exploration of woodworking and furniture making that continues to the present.



I Design feels that residential projects are interesting collaborations between us and the customer. The final solutions stretch the imagination of all involved. Their repertoire of residential custom furniture includes: Home Theaters and Stereo Cabinets, Dining Tables and Buffets, Bedroom Furniture, Entry Doors, Home Offices and Libraries.

At least a third of their projects are for non-residential clients that include Fortune 500 Corporations and National Landmark sites. I Design also makes very exciting pieces for local religious and educational institutions. These projects include Conference Tables, Reception Desks, Executive Office Suites, Synagogue Sanctuaries, Church Interiors, and Commission Sculpture.

Complete drawings, specifications, and supervision are provided with each project.




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