Sony ES  Sony STR-DA5800ES Receiver


Northern Audio is proud to be a retailer for Sony ES High Resolution Audio Products, including including the HAPS-1/B, the HAP-Z1ES, and the UDA-1, as well as Sony ES Receivers, including the the versatile STR-DA5800ES and STR-DA2800ES.


Discover subtle details and artistic nuances in your favorite 
music that you’ve never heard before. Feel the power 
and presence of a live performance in your living room. 
Or experience what it’s like to sit in on a live studio recording.
It’s all possible with the superior quality of High-Resolution Audio from Northern Audio and Sony. 
With quality greatly surpassing that of MP3 and CD, the difference is clear.









Just as HDTV revolutionized our television viewing with its huge leap in picture quality, High-Res Audio is doing the same for the music we listen to. If you’re wondering if your ears really need it, just ask your eyes if they’re willing to go back to old, standard definition TV.

Whether you’re talking analog or digital, sound engineers and musicians have always pursued the highest quality recording with the technology that’s available to them. When CDs came out, they offered high quality digital sound and portability, but were limited to how much they could hold by their physical size. In contrast, the MP3s made music transfer and sharing easier than ever, but the files needed to be compressed due to storage and bandwidth limitations—leading to a significant loss in sound quality.

With the growth of High-Res Audio technology, we’ve now come full circle. By enabling digital lossless capture of original analog audio sources, it’s now possible to listen to performances exactly as the artist intended. Add in the decreasing cost of storage media, plus faster internet speeds and our ability to have music in its purest form wherever we go has never been greater.



From the handpicked pure audio grade parts, to the technology developed specifically for the ES line of receivers, every decision was made with the goal of eliminating distortion and achieving audiophile quality sound.remote

HD Digital Cinema Sound™ (HD DCS) with Front High Speakers delivers stunning realism while variable zones give you the sound you want, where you want it. The STR-DA5800ES allows native 4K video content to be passed through to a 4K television or projector for ultimate picture quality or it will upscale high-definition movies and TV shows to 4K brilliance.

Control all your home theater components, including your TV, cable box, receiver and Blu-ray Disc™ player, with the press of a button on the included remote or with the ES Remote app on your compatible iOS or Android™ device2. You can even control your lights with the purchase of compatible switches or dimmers. scenes

With SonyES receivers, you can create, save, and launch pre-programmed scenes and moods. For instance, choose "Watch A Movie" and the lights dim, the volume and EQ adjust to where you want, the inputs switch, and your home theater comes alive10. It even lets you create scenes for all of your entertainment options, whether it's movie watching, music for private listening or a house party, or for any of your gaming choices. You can even set your system to auto-adjust to a specific volume level every time you play from that source.

The easy set-up wizard will take you through everything you need to create and control your home theater experience. Includes four customizable scenes which can be programmed to perform an array of tasks. With the press of a button, you can turn on your TV, adjust the volume level, start your Blu-ray player and dim the lamps for the perfect home movie experience.

Stream both video and audio from the internet, including Netflix®, YouTube®, Hulu Plus™, Pandora®, Slacker®, and more.

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