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 Northern Audio knows that some of the truest sound and vision has been the foundation of Straight Wire for over 30 years via their award-winning premium Audio Video cables.

Audio and visual entertainment is most exceptional when content is conveyed free
of processing and alteration. To uncover musical nuances & visual subtleties you
need high performance cables matched to your components. Straight Wire is a
world wide leader in cables for home, professional, mobile, and computer applications.

We strongly suggest you allow us to perform a complimentary SYSTEM ANALYSIS.
This information* enables us to make educated suggestions regarding which cables
will best compliment your system. Straight Wire needs this data to diagnose your
system to enable it to perform as the equipment manufacturers intended for your
long lasting aural and visual enjoyment. 

For 30 years, the primary mission of Straight Wire is to develop and produce world class cables and related accessories, predominantly made in the USA, primarily for consumer audio and video enthusiasts.

The philosophy of delivering all the music and a clear picture at a reasonable price has helped us build and enjoy the respect, admiration and confidence from consumers, dealers, industry affiliates, press and many more.

The Straight approach to cables provides the truest sound and vision that the content creators intended for your relaxation & escape. Link your system together with Straight Wire and uncover musical nuances & visual subtleties you've missed. You'll get more entertainment from all your existing AV gear and enjoy the performance pleasures from new technologies and components with Straight Wire.




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