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Northern Audio is proud to have a long-lasting relationship with the talented craftsmen at Designers Furniture & Finishing Co., who manufacture beautifully custom-designed furniture and perform expert antique furniture restoration. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Designers Furniture & Finishing Co. has designed beautiful pieces for homes, museums, and businesses all across the country.

Owner Gerald Garforth, brings over 50 years of experience to each custom piece or restored work, with meticulous attention to detail and original finishes. Together with Designers Furniture & Finishing Co, we look forward helping you design that special piece for your home, or restoring your antique furniture to its original beauty.

Whether your style is modern or classic, Designers Furniture & Finishing Co. can provide custom-build expertly designed pieces for your home. Their craftsmen are skilled in building and upholstering all types of furniture, including reproductions of antique pieces. They can provide custom designed wall units, entertainment or media centers, and home theatre rooms.

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