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is proud to be a retailer for Parasound and their fine line of products, including the Halo by Parasound, their premier product line, marking a new standard for sound and style. Every Halo model has earned an unprecedented number of rave reviews from the top critics in the audio / video industry.

Year after year, Parasound Halo preamplifiers and power amplifiers have been rated the best high end audio for the money. Several years ago they challenged themselves to create a no-compromise integrated amp that would match the performance of our Halo separates in every respect. It's known as Halo Integrated.


PARASOUND HALO INTEGRATED - 2.1 Channel Integrated AmplifierParasound Halo Integrated Back


Halo Integrated truly punches above its weight. Capable of powering everything from streaming DSD to demanding home theater, it's no wonder HINT has quickly become one of Parasound's most popular products. In fact, glowing magazine reviews and the enthusiasm of new HINT owners have required Parasound to increase production. 

"In the Halo Integrated, Parasound has succeeded in creating the ultimate affordable DAC-integrated amplifier. It has a raft of analog and digital inputs, built-in bass management, fully featured moving-magnet and moving-coil phono stages, a discrete headphone amplifier, and defeatable tone controls -- a feature set that, all by itself, makes Richard Schram's Hint unique among its peers. And when you include a sound of ruler-flat neutrality, top-to-bottom linearity, and a gorgeous midrange, it becomes peerless. There is no better DAC-integrated on the market for $2495 or less." -- SoundStage! Network Reviewers' Choice January 2016



And introducing ZoneMaster, our new line of high-performance amplifiers for custom installation. ZoneMaster amps combine legendary Parasound Class AB sound quality with the most reliable Class D power modules in the industry. Every model in the line is unconditionally stable at two ohms, with bridged power up to 200 watts and unprecedented versatility. ZoneMaster is the new standard in residential and commercial amplification.

Parasound ZoneMaster 1250

Parasound ZoneMaster 1250 inside



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