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A home automation system does more than simply link each piece of your home technology together.  Rather, it connects you with your home, affords you the ability to enjoy the comforts around you, and gives you greater control -- from the palm of your hand. Northern Audio home automation systems are engineered to make your life more enjoyable and convenient with the things you use every day.

Lighting for Every Purpose

Forget the simple lightswitch on the wall. With a Northern Audio custom lighting system, integrated and orchestrated with Control4 technology, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Experience the convenience of custom lighting ‘scenes’ to illuminate your home with the touch of a button. Choose from custom keypads that are matched to your home decor. Or control all of your lights with a wireless touchpanel or even your iPad. Lighting was never this easy or looked this good.

Heat and Cool Your Home With The Utmost Simplicity

Experience the ultimate comfort with the easiest, smartest way to heat and cool your home. With a Control4 touchscreen thermostat it is easier than ever to manage the temperature in your home, making it perfectly suitable for every occasion or simple relaxing. Also, keep climate-controlled areas like a wine cellar, music room, or archived collections at the perfect temperature. Your installation will also most likely result in reduced utility costs.  control4app-screen-revamped

Stay Safe and In Control

Your home may be your castle, but it doesn’t have to have provisions like Fort Knox in order to be secure. It just needs to be smart. With Control4 and their companion products, your house can monitor itself and let you know—whether you’re home or away—if something needs your attention.

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