Home Theater

Custom Home Theater Design

Our luxury custom home theaters start with a personalized design. We spend time learning about your vision for the space and then work with you to carefully plan every last detail including proper seating location, display elevations, projector “throw” distance, and speaker locations. Northern Audio’s team of expert audio and video engineers, room designers, programmers and installers then researches and recommends the perfect mix of home audio products for your custom home theater installation. The result is always a stunningly beautiful theater, customized to your budget and desires.

Typical home theater elements include:

  • Home theater projector and film screen or OLED display
  • Home theater receiver (or separate components)
  • Surround sound speaker system
  • Home theater seating

Giving Your Theater The “Smarts” It Deserves

Pressing one button — just ONE — is all you will ever need to power up your entire home theater system. Our custom-programmed remote solutions make it not only easy for you and your family to watch movies or listen to music, but with our smart home solutions you can also control your lighting, home heating, cooling, shades, and security applications. With one easy button-press, you easily access your audio or video server, watch streaming television or movies, play Blu-ray discs, and dim the lights just in time to settle in for the show. It’s just that simple.

Stunning HD & Ultra HD Visual Quality

Together and working in concert, a high quality projector and appropriately-sized screen create the focal centerpiece and beauty of the home theater experience. Whether it be via high-definition or 4K ultra-high definition, Northern Audio can help you achieve the image that the filmmaker wanted you to see.

Breathtaking & Lifelike Surround Sound

Music and sound effects are a crucial part of your home theater experience. With thundering bass, a full mid-range, and crisp clarity of the high end, you will be immediately transported to a place where perception becomes virtual reality. Whether it is 5.1, 7.1, or even 11.2, Dolby Digital or Dolby Atmos, in-wall or external speakers and subwoofers, a Northern Audio installed surround sound system will leave you amazed and breathless.

Thinking about a custom home theater?

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